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Janne Kolehmainen

Janne Kolehmainen

Kole has accumulated his sales experience "from the other side of the table" in the roles of salesman, KAM, sales director and account director in several different industries, from air transport (Finnair) to sports (SATS) and security (G4S) to consulting business.

Over the years, he has collected experience from years of board experience and practical knowledge of various critical system projects such as CRM. In other words, it can be said that experience can be found in the student of experience: #pappaoppii. For the past five years, Janne has been working as a business coach, and is also operating as a headhunter.

Kole is happy to help in the management development, team management and front-line work, and his heart beats for sales, customer care and effective communication.

Portrait of Joshua Moorrees

Joshua Moores

Chairman of the board, Partner

Joshua (KTM, HHJ, HHPJ) is an experienced business coach who serves as a member of the board of several companies, and most recently served as the CEO of the Finnish growth company Tablebed, as well as a partner in Markkinointisankarit

At Tablebed, Joshua has collected more than 1 million euros in growth investments - increasing the value of the company by 42 times during his term as CEO - taking the operation from the prototype to 19 export countries and closing for example a €1 million contract to the USA and a €300,000 contract to Japan.
Before moving to the world of growth companies, Joshua worked as a transformation director in the management team of the Finnish country company of the world's largest personnel services company, Adecco Group.

Joshua's core in coaching and rental management is in the development of leadership, management team and front-line work, and strategy work. In addition, Joshua's expertise is asked in sales and sales management.

Johanna Vilkuna

Johanna Vilkuna (born Kiviranta)

Johanna (master's degree in administration, minor in economics) is a genuine person who loves to meet people and is a coach. During his working career, she has worked both in Finland in sales and consulting and internationally in the service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the end, Johanna is just an ordinary person. She believes in working processes, respectful interaction and active doing, which combined help in achieving good results. With these lessons, even an introvert can love sales and coaching. In addition, continuous learning and self-development are important to her, which she is currently doing at Aalto University at the Department of Accounting, with the goal of a master's degree in economics.

As a business coach, Johanna is genuinely interested in people and change, whether it is the change of an individual, a team, an organization or a company. Her greatest professional passions are words and stories, with which we build our own thinking and create meanings for cooperation.

Johanna will be happy to help you especially in topics related to strategy storytelling and implementation, implementing changes, sales development and culture development in Finnish and English.

Jaakko Lintunen

Jaakko Lintunen

Jaakko (KTM and Certified Executive Coach) has more than 20-years of experience as a business leader. He has worked e.g. as a commercial manager and CEO in various industries (e.g. marketing communications, media, health). As a consultant, Jaakko has helped companies sell more and to manage better. Jaakko has had time to accumulate management team experience and board work. Jaakko is additionally operating as a headhunter.

Implementing changes into practice to reach the company's strategy is crucial to the success of companies, and these are also Jaakko's passion and strength. Jaakko is happy to help as a senior management coach in strategy work, as a developer of management team work, as a developer of front-line work and as a sales coach.  
Portrait of Kalle Saleva

Kalle Saleva

Kalle (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a fast-paced, inspiring and fun empowerer of sales and change. Kalle's career includes thousands of arranged customer meetings over the phone, coaching in change projects, internal process development, day-to-day management of sales function and various board roles.

Kalle is at home under the gaze of people, whether it's a sales situation, coaching or, for example, one-on-one sparring with a new salesperson. Kalle doesn't believe in magic tricks, but he does believe in technology, processes and hard work at a high level week after week. Learning never ends for this man as a strong thirst for learning new things have driven him to study again and again – currently he is studying an MBA degree in leading business transformation focusing on strategic thinking and management, which will be Kalle's 4th completed degree.

As a coach and sparring partner, Kalle is energetic and forward-thinking, with whom you can openly discuss even difficult issues with a focus on solutions without fear of judgment. Shared moments are spent in a good mood without unnecessary gloom, without forgetting the facts and circumstances.
Kalle's core competence is in the development of day-to-day sales work and processes, as well as the utilization of data in sales work. In addition, Kalle is familiar with taking strategically important goals to the grassroots level to make them into reality. The working languages for Kalle are Finnish and English.

Tarja Salmi

Tarja Salmi

Tarja (Business Coach, individual and working life coach, DiSC interaction coach) is an inspiring and open-minded advocate of humane working life with extensive experience.
Having started working life in the family business early on, work experience has been accumulated over the course of about 40 years in the field of marketing, sales, development, customer service, event marketing and branding, both in the corporate and organization sectors. Tarja has worked as an entrepreneur, an employer, a supervisor and an employee, which means that her understanding of working life and its many challenges, areas of growth and changes provides a strong basis for acting as a sparring partner and support in different situations of working life.

As a coach, Tarja is an uncomplicated motivator and an approachable simplifier. Tarja utilizes the lessons and experiences of her work history in her work, but wants to constantly develop herself, learn and realize new things and live strongly with the spirit of the times. He wants to turn challenges into opportunities, put people at the forefront of different processes. Tarja is an advocate of diversity, interaction and a conversational and listening work culture in work communities, without forgetting emotional skills.
Tarja's favorite phrase, with Ostrovian modesty, is: "you strive for good, but bad things are bound to happen".

Gift Uitto

Gift Uitto

Lahja is an expert trainer at More Than Training Company. His research background brings analytical thinking and process and project expertise to both our customers and our community. As a coach, Lahja is very personable and his motto is: "processes support and people do". Lahja has worked as a researcher and teacher in the university world and has had a long career in the field of health technology. Over the years, experience and lessons have been accumulated in areas such as product development, productization, go-to-market support from product registration to launch, project and project management, building PMO functions, streamlining production and supply chains, and compliance & sustainability functions. Laja knows how important, but at the same time difficult, matrix management is. How do I get the message through without director rights? This question has made Lahja an impressive communicator.